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Membership Information

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The Nevada State Apartment Association (NSAA) is a non-profit organization who provides the Nevada multi-housing industry with legislative support, education and community outreach to benefit our membership and the community.

What our members receive ...

Frequent Educational Opportunities. Every year the NSAA offers seminars on a variety of topics in Southern Nevada.

Networking Opportunities.
Educational dinner meetings, trade events and social gatherings offer an opportunity to meet and get to know other professionals in the industry and share information helpful in the daily operation of rental property.

Legislative Representation.
The NSAA serves as a unified voice while advocating for the industry. We have a strong history of influencing legislation at the state and local levels.

Access to Legal Forms.
The NSAA provides over 20 forms that incorporate current Nevada law. They are frequently updated and reviewed by legal counsel to protect your best interests. Everything from rental agreements to eviction notices. We've got you covered.

Subscription to the Apartment Insight.
The NSAA publishes a bi-monthly magazine filled with articles of interest. This "trade journal" keeps you informed about what is happening in the industry.

Access to Market Trends.
NSAA's annual Market Trends event is a convenient way to keep up with industry trends and gain local industry insight. Market Trends takes place each February and brings some of the industry's top leaders, political figures and special guests. Each year has brought you a relative theme, based on economic conditions and local or national trends.

Gain Favorable Presentation to Residents.
Membership in the NSAA will help project to your residents a sense of higher professionalism and care. It gives owners a competitive advantage in attracting residents who want to rent only from professional and ethical owners.

Property Membership
Membership is on a per property basis. Member properties with on-site personnel receive member pricing on all education events, discounts on NSAA Forms & Publications and a membership certificate. As a member of the NSAA, you automatically become a member of the National Apartment Association (NAA). As a member of the NSAA and the NAA, you are entitled to all membership benefits and services of both NSAA and NAA at member rates.

Business Partner Membership
Business Partner membership in the NSAA is available to firms providing products and services to the rental housing industry in Nevada. Each business under membership shall receive a subscription to NSAA's Apartment Insight magazine, a membership certificate, 3 complimentary tickets to regularly scheduled monthly networking dinners (Las Vegas Market ONLY) and listing in the Apartment Insight magazine's "Products & Services Guide" section. As a member of this association, you automatically become a member of the NAA. As an annual membership bonus, each member receives a one-year subscription to NAA's Units magazine. As a member of the NSAA and the NAA, you are entitled to all membership benefits and services of both NSAA and NAA at member rates.

Platinum Membership
Platinum membership is an exclusive membership offered by the NSAA. The membership incorporates all of what is included in a vendor membership plus has several high profile benefits, which maximizes your company's exposure with the NSAA. For example, a Platinum member receives verbal recognition at all dinner meetings and all NSAA sponsored events. Also included is one ¼ page color advertisement in every NSAA Apartment Insight publication.

This membership must be approved by the NSAA Board of Directors.

Membership Pricing

All memberships are based on a fiscal calendar year, by when a company / property joins the NSAA. All membership dues are considered annual dues.

Property Membership

1 - 50 units         $100 Membership Fee (plus $2.50 for each unit)
51 - 100 units     $125 Membership Fee (plus $2.40 for each unit)
101 & up units    $175 Membership Fee (plus $2.00 for each unit)

NSAA offers property members three ways to pay membership dues,
a one-time annual payment, a monthly option or a quarterly option.
Dues may be tax deductable, please check with your tax advisor.

NOTE: Dues include $ .47 for each unit for National Apartment Association (NAA) dues.

Business Partner Membership

NSAA Business Partner Members     $600

NSAA only offers business partner one-way to pay membership dues,
a one-time annual payment. Dues may be tax deductable, please
check with your tax advisor.

NOTE: Dues include $30 National Apartment Association (NAA) dues.

Platinum Membership

NSAA Platinum Members              

For additional Platinum Membership information, please click here.