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Legislative Advocacy


NVSAA's Primary Obligations to its Members and the Industry

It's All About Legislative Advocacy
The Nevada State Apartment Association (NVSAA) is a non-profit organization who provides the Nevada multi-housing industry with legislative support, education and community outreach to benefit our membership and the communities we serve. Legislatively, we are committed to serving our members on all issues that impact our industry. We strive to monitor all industry-related local, city, state, and federal legislative changes and educate our members on the potential impact to their businesses.  With the assistance of the National Apartment Association (NAA), professional liaisons, retained lobbyists and our dedicated Legislative Committee, we further strive to challenge adverse legislation so as to protect member rights and maintain a viable and productive industry.

Below is a list of legislative issues in 2009 and 2011 which the NVSAA represented its members and worked to ensure these bills did not negatively effect our industry moving forward.

In 2009 alone, the NVSAA helped every property SAVE, on average, $40,800**. NVSAA helped SAVE industry jobs, for both properties and vendors alike.

** Based on a conventional 200 unit property in Las Vegas;
    Averaging 3 evictions per month, with an average Market
    Rent of $800 per month, with miscellaneous operating
    expenses and turnover costs included; Actual amounts
    varied based on unit count

Legislative Resources for Our Industry

  • DOWNLOAD the 2012 Apartment Industry Priorities from the National
    Apartment Association (NAA)

  • DOWNLOAD the "Building Blocks of a Smart Economy" Brochure from
    the National Multi Housing 
    Council (NMHC) and the National Apartment
    Association (NAA)

  • DOWNLOAD the NMHC Nevada Data Sheet for the State of Nevada
    (taken from the 2010 
    American Community Survey)

  • DOWNLOAD the Nevada State Apartment Association Policy Manual
    for current elected or appointed 
    public officials and those seeking political


Why We Invest (and You Should Too!) In Our Industry

A catastrophic legislative storm can create a tremendous amount of damage. Negative legislation and regulations can tremendously affect YOUR RESIDENTS, YOUR CLIENTS, YOUR JOB, and YOUR COMPANY’S FINANCIAL SECURITY. The NVSAA advocates for and against legislation related to the problems and concerns of rental housing owners and professionals, but we need your HELP! Candidates elected during this election cycle will become the “decision makers” of tomorrow. The NVSAA supports those candidates who UNDERSTAND and are receptive to our industry’s positions.

NVSAA members play a crucial role in protecting the industry’s bottom line by investing in NVSAA’s LAF (Legislative Affairs Fund).

If you DO NOT protect your industry, WHO will? In order to make an impact and a difference in our industry WE NEED YOUR PARTICIPATION TODAY. Invest in the NVSAA LAF today and help us be the voice of the rental housing industry in Nevada.


Meet Our Legislative Team

  • Bret Holmes, President of Advanced Management Group
  • Debbie Blackford, Vice President and Designated Broker at Picerne Real Estate Group
  • Eric Newmark, NVSAA Legal Counsel and ESQ at Karsaz Law
  • Greg Peek, Principle at ERGS (Reno)
  • Janice Richards, District Manager at Camden Property Trust
  • Linda Short, Senior Regional Auditor at ComAm Management
  • Michael Fazio, Executive Director at the Nevada State Apartment Association
  • Roberta Ross, Owner of The Ross (Reno)
  • Susan Bauman, Western Risk Insurance
  • Troy Perkins, Renaissance Villas
  • LOBBYIST Marsha Berkbigler, Capitol Partners LLC

Thank you to all who have DONATED this calendar year.  The NVSAA appreciates your support.